Kings Heath Playcare

Fun, Friendly, Safe

Our Values


1. Kings Heath Playcare believes that the child must be at the centre of the process: the opportunities provided and the organisation which supports, co-ordinates and manages these should always start with the child's needs and offer sufficient flexibility to meet these.

2. At Kings Heath Playcare activities should be freely chosen by children, to both empower them and to help them discover their own solutions, to play and develop at their own pace and in their own way.

3. Whereas activities may sometimes be enriched by the Playworker's participation, adults should always be sensitive to children's needs and never try to control a child's play so long as it remains within safe and acceptable boundaries.

4. We believe every child has a right to a play environment that stimulates and provides opportunities for risk, challenge and the growth of confidence and self - esteem.

5. The contemporary environment in which many children grow up does not always lend itself to safe and creative play; all children have the right to a play opportunity that is free from hazard, one which ensures physical and personal safety and is a setting within which the child ultimately feels physically and personally safe.

6. Kings Heath Playcare believes every child is an individual and has the right to be respected to such; each child should feel confident that his / her individuality and diversity is valued by the adults who work and play with them

7. A considerate and caring attitude to individual children and their families is essential to competent Playwork and should be displayed at all times.

8. Prejudice against people with disabilities or who suffer social and economic disadvantage, racism and sexism have no place in the environment which seeks to enhance development through play: adults involved in play should always promote equality of opportunity and access for all children, and seek to develop anti - discriminatory practice and positive attitudes to those who are disadvantaged.

9. Activities should offer the child opportunities to extend her or his exploration and understanding of the wider world and therefore physical, social and culturaI settings beyond their immediate experience.

10. Play is essentially a co-operative activity for children. Playworkers should always encourage children to be sensitive to the needs of others in providing activities and play opportunities. They should seek to work together with children, their parents, colleagues and other professionals and where possible, make their own expertise available to the wider community.

11. Activities should always be provided within the current legislative framework and good practice principles relevant to children's rights, health, safety and well-being.

12. Every child has a right to an environment for play, and such environments must be accessible to children.

13. Kings Heath Playcare firmly believes in these values and expects that they underpin the activities of the scheme.