Kings Heath Playcare

Fun, Friendly, Safe

About Us

Kings Heath Playcare operates during term time and holiday periods at Kings Heath Primary School, Valentine Road. Kings Heath.

The Playscheme offers high quality child care before school (7.45 -9.00) and after school (3.25 - 6.00) Mon - Friday's.  In the school holidays, we operate full day care (7:45am to 5:30pm)

The scheme is located in the community room in the school via the entrance on Poplar Road. Older children are catered for in the main school hall before school and at the Community Centre, Heathfield Road after school. We are registered with Ofsted and with Out of School Alliance and meet their recommendations for good practice.

Playcare is govened by a voluntary board of trustees whose children

use the scheme.

The Playcare Scheme is a voluntary organisation, registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. The board of trustees, made up of parents and carers acessing its service along with the schemes full time manager, is responsible for the employment of staff and for the organisation of the scheme. We operate separately from, but enjoy good relationships with the school.

Except for some specific grant funding the scheme is reliant upon the fees and support of parents each year in order to continue.

All parents & carers offered a place on the scheme become members of the company and will be expected to support the scheme in their organisation and to attend wherever possible the Annual General Meetings of the scheme. New parents and carers are encouraged to join the management committee each year in order to replace those that leave.